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1truepharmacy Terms & Conditions


In being of sound and disposing mind, I hereby acknowledge and accept that:

  1. I am above the age of eighteen (18) years, and have entered into a contract with 1truepharmacy of my own free will, and that I did not act under duress or undue influence.
  2. I am the authorized cardholder of the credit card used for payment of the requested medication.
  3. In respect of my order for medicine:
    • I hereby specifically request that the pharmacist dispensing my order DOES NOT substitute a generic in place of any brand medicine that I ordered.
    • I fully accept, and understand that this may mean that I have been charged more for the brand medicine than I would have been charged for the equivalent generic (where available).
  4. I acknowledge and confirm that the medication shall be for my exclusive personal use, and that I shall use it as directed. I shall not pass it on to other persons, or be a party to reselling the medication.
  5. I warrant that I have checked to ensure that the importation of prescription drugs into my jurisdiction of residence by me does not violate the laws of my jurisdiction or any jurisdiction at which I may accept delivery of medication shipped to me as a consequence of my order.
  6. I confirm that I have undergone a recent and satisfactory physical examination by a doctor licensed to practice medicine in my jurisdiction of residence (herein after called my 'Personal Healthcare Practitioner'), I further confirm that my Personal Healthcare Practitioner has diagnosed a certain medical condition, and I attest that I am utilizing the services of 1truepharmacy only to obtain medication for the identified medical condition. I agree to consult my Personal Healthcare Practitioner in the event of difficulties, questions, or complications. I acknowledge that I have previously used the medication(s) that I may request with no ill effects, or I have been advised by my Personal Healthcare Practitioner that the use of the medication(s) is proper for my medical needs.
  7. I confirm that the Medical Questionnaire contains my full and honest medical history, and that I have answered the questions truthfully, openly and honestly, and to the best of my knowledge.
  8. I understand that in using the facilities of 1truepharmacy the contents of my medical questionnaire, including my medical history becomes the property of 1truepharmacy. I acknowledge that 1truepharmacy has the right to store this information, place it at the continuing disposal of it's staff, and any other persons involved in my treatment, and to continue to copy, retain and use the said information and records relating to me. I also understand that my Medical Questionnaire will be reviewed by a prescribing physician. I am aware that this physician may or may not be licensed to practice in the state where I am located at the time that I submit my Medical Questionnaire. All medical decisions made by the prescribing physician regarding my medication(s) and any treatment prescribed will be deemed to have occurred in the state where the physician is physically located.
  9. I agree that any dispute arising between me and 1truepharmacy, its agents, servants, staff, and/or health care professionals, and affiliates in relation to the provision of services to me shall be referred to mediation. If mediation should fail, I accept that the points/issues in dispute may be referred to Arbitration along the principles set out in the US Arbitration Act. The decision of the Arbitrator (s) shall be final, and no appeal or review application shall lie there from. This agreement is binding on me and/or any agent/attorney suing on my behalf, and/or my heirs and executors.
  10. Further regarding my use of the 1truepharmacy website and other facilities, I warrant that I have used and shall always use these facilities for the purpose only of seeking medical treatment, not for stockpiling drugs to an already adequate supply.
  11. Regarding my treatment, received through 1truepharmacy, I confirm that:
    • I shall seek information from my pharmacist and/or Personal Healthcare Practitioner regarding the risks, benefits, and possible side effects of my medication. I agree not to take any other prescription medication or over-the-counter medicines without consulting with my pharmacist who is aware of my use of all medications.
    • I will use such medication under the strict supervision of my Personal Healthcare Practitioner, whose advise shall take precedence over that of, and shall not be supplanted by that of, any other health professional involved in my care.
    • I undertake to make contact promptly with my Personal Healthcare Practitioner or any medical practitioner for any necessary emergency intervention should a complication arise following my use of my medication.
    • I appreciate that there are always attendant risks to the use of any medication. I understand that I must have regular physical examinations and laboratory tests to ensure that it is safe for me to take the medication. I accept all risks involved in taking the medication. I will not seek any damages or any other liability from 1truepharmacy, its affiliated companies, contractors, agents or principals, if any side-effects occur as a result of my use of the medication.
    • I appreciate that no health professional may guarantee that my medication shall have the desired effects or will provide the results I seek.
  12. I understand and agree that:
    • 1truepharmacy shall not be liable for any acts or omissions of its associated health professionals, and of my Personal Healthcare Practitioner in advising me or communicating with me with regard to my medication. I release 1truepharmacy from any and all claims related to allegations that the prescribing physician acted below the standard of reasonable medical care because he/she did not perform an in-person physical examination.
    • The total liability, if any, of 1truepharmacy related or arising from my use of this website to purchase a medication is limited to the purchase price of the medication purchased. In no instance shall 1truepharmacy be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.
    • I am aware that the prescribing physicians are not employed by 1truepharmacy but are independent contractors to whom 1truepharmacy gives my information for review. 1truepharmacy does not direct, control, or influence the medical decisions made by the prescribing physicians with respect to medication(s). I agree not to hold 1truepharmacy liable for any act or omission, negligent or otherwise, of the prescribing physician.
    • The prescribing physician will review my truthful history and will decide whether or not to authorize a prescription based on an ongoing, previously diagnosed medical condition and on that decision basis, the prescribing physician shall, in no instance, be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from that decision.
  13. I agree to release 1truepharmacy, its employees, agents, principals, corporate affiliates and all related parties from any liability arising from my consumption of the medication and for medical, physical or behavioral and other effects of any medication that I may take as a consequence of my order.
  14. I understand that 1truepharmacy is not engaged in the practice of medicine.
  15. I understand that my Medical Questionnaire is the property of the prescribing physician. I understand that 1truepharmacy, because it stores and maintains my Medical Questionnaire, has access to my personal information and health information. 1truepharmacy may use my personal and medical information in accordance with its written privacy policy posted on this website, which I have reviewed. I understand that, upon request, I may review the information 1truepharmacy has collected about me and notify 1truepharmacy of incorrect information.
  16. I agree that if any court should find any part or provision of this agreement to be void or unenforceable, the void or unenforceable part of the agreement shall be excised from the whole agreement, the remainder of which I accept shall remain binding on me, and of full force and effect.

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